Our sole purpose is to provide you with honest, frank and beneficial advice about your current financial position and the option of bankruptcy.

We have been offering Bankruptcy advice to clients across Australia for many years, preparing them with information on what will happen to them, how it will happen and what they should expect.

More importantly we advise people on how to “Prepare for bankruptcy”. Going into bankruptcy unprepared can be a very unpleasant experience and can result in an outcome that the individual is simply not prepared for. Being unprepared may mean an individual will lose assets they do not need to lose, they may experience more stress than they need to experience and if they are completely unprepared they may even regret making the decision to go Bankrupt.

That’s where MY Bankruptcy comes in. We ensure our clients are well prepared, that they understand what is about to happen to them and what the consequences to their decision will be. In short we make our clients bankruptcy as easy and painless as possible and hopefully turn what might have been a harrowing time into a beneficial and liberating experience. Of course this service is not offered to “Do It Yourself Bankruptcy” clients, who simply choose our do it yourself option. If you are unsure of what to do and worried about what may happen, then we are more than happy to do it all from Go to Wo!