Hi ………., 3 years have passed by so quickly. I have 2 weeks to go and I am discharged as a bankrupt. It has been an amazing ride. I have never in all my life experienced such a feeling of absolute freedom as i did the day I declared myself bankrupt. I fooled myself for years believing that because I had alot of assets I was worth alot. I seemed to have forgotten that I also had alot of debts and when the two stood side by side the debts were overwhelmingly in the lead. Now I am free. The last 3 years I have saved and saved and saved and I cannot remember being so happy and feeling so alive. Thanks Mate

Name withheld, Queensland

It has been a traumatic few years. After my marriage broke up the debts began to pile up then, as you know, after a bad business decision I found myself in a financial situation that I simply could not support. It was so stressful. I could not sleep, I worked and worked and worked until I couldn’t work any more and found that i was so burned out that I didn’t have a life. My kids didn’t know me as i was never home and when i was i was not there for them. It was terrible!

Bankruptcy saved my life, my children and my sanity. I had always seen it as a Taboo, but after speaking with you and after going through it I now see it as a life saver. Thank you.

Damien, NSW

Bankruptcy, who would have thought? It was the most liberating experience of my life. After 7 years of stress and worry, it was all over within a week. If only I had made this choice earlier it would have made life so much easier.

Barbara QLD

I wanted to write to express my appreciation to you for suggesting that Bankruptcy would be a good idea for my Husband and I. As you know, we were worried about taking that step because we really didn’t know what would happen to us. We are grateful that you explained it in such simple terms and gave us the confidence to sign the paperwork. Carrying this debt into retirement would have been not only foolish but would have stayed with us to the day we died. We feel so good about our decision and this will make such a difference to us for the last period of our lives. Once again, thank you and good luck in your business.

Yvonne WA